I'm a software engineer in Japan. I'm interested in high-speed networking system and virtualization with commodity hardware like Intel-Server. I'm also trying to develop highest speed software router. I always research and develop them

Below are my social links. It usually be written in Japanese, but it's ok to communicate in English (but little bit). please send message via sns (twitter,facebook,email,etc..) in English, if you want to access me.

Technical Skills

notice: please check me more deeper. - Programming Language,SDKs: C/C++, Golang, Python, DPDK, XDP, Netlink, libpcap - Networking: BGP, linux network virtualizatiion(netns, veth, l3mdev, iptables, etc..), Neutron-ML2-plugin, FRRouting, ExaBGP, Wireshark, SRv6, VRF - Automation, CI/CD: Ansible, Drone-CI


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